Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Base: Crane Sets North Turbine Base in Place

The base component of the north turbine was hoisted into the air and set in place by a mammoth crane on Saturday, following weeks of intense preparation for the lift and marking yet another milestone for MWCC's wind project.

"There are 120 pins that it sits on and it has to be perfectly lined up. It was an anxious moment, but it was very successful," said MWCC Resident Engineer Ed Terceiro, who had the honor of attaching the final bolt.

The base was sealed with grout, which will set for two days before additional pieces are installed. On Monday, the remaining tower sections will be added, followed by the nacelle on top. On Tuesday, the hub and blades are slated to go up. The process will be repeated the week of Nov. 29 for the south turbine.

Prior to the lift, 33 forty-foot trucks delivered crane parts over the course of nine days. A crew of six men assembled the crane that is being used to hoist the turbine components into place.

Among the tasks Friday, print shop manager Don Knower worked with D&G Custom Graphics of Fitchburg to adhere the college's logo and initials to both nacelles.  "We've lettered some weird stuff, but this takes the cake," said D&G manager John Dupont.

Photos courtesy of J.K. Scanlan Project Supervisor Joe DiPietro.


  1. The individual sections look huge in the pictures. I can only imagine how large they must be when standing right next to them.

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